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I’ve Lost My Orange Collar Alert Pet, Now What?


So your Orange Collar Alert pet is lost/missing! You’ve taken every precaution and still your pet managed to get away. First, understand, you did not intend for this to happen.  Because you love your pet, you prepared for this.

Step 1: Make sure your registration on website is up to date.  If not, correct immediately as we will reach out to you. 

Step 2: Upload your lost/missing pet’s picture and post to the Facebook Link, along with the registration code and your location. If you feel comfortable enough posting your direct contact information, please feel free – however posting your registration code information is just as effective and a lot safer.

Step 3: Either the rescuer, or a volunteer at The Orange Collar Alert will respond to your post on our Facebook page immediately to assist in the reunion of pets and owners. 

Step 4: Because of you, amazing reunions are happening here!

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